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7Senses CBD and Kratom

Get virtually instant relief without the debilitating side effects of prescription drugs from 7Senses CBD products.



Try our selection of gummies, isolates, and oils in varying strengths and finally find an effective mood enhancer and CBD treatment that suits your lifestyle.



Choose from crushed leaf, red crystal, gold extract, and kratom soaps, and manage your pain and health needs with a centuries-old herbal remedy.



Strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties naturally found in turmeric are an excellent supplement to help with pain and overall health throughout your day.


CBD oils and isolates provide an herbal remedy to ailments that might otherwise require addictive, debilitating, or even dangerous prescriptions. Manage your mental and physical health with a gentle supplement that promotes your body’s natural healing processes.

  • Experience a reduction in chronic pain
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Enhance your mood and reduce severe fluctuations
  • Experience a reduction in the symptoms of many other incapacitating conditions

7Senses brings you CBD extract and isolate from hemp grown organically in Colorado, USA. We use premium extraction methods to achieve the quality and purity that you’re looking for in a CBD oil.

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At 7Senses, you can find Kratom extract and crushed leaf, as well as gummies, turmeric supplements, and vape oils. We specialize in CBD products, which are extracted from home-grown hemp in Colorado, USA.

See what a difference these miraculous herbal supplements can make in your life by giving us a try. Improve your heart, brain, skin, and hair health. Reduce pain and symptoms of anxiety, depression, certain seizure disorders, other neurological disorders, and physical and mental illnesses.


We believe in providing good people with quality herbal supplements that can help to dramatically improve their lives without the harmful side effects of prescription medications. All of our CBD, turmeric, and kratom supplements are concocted with upmost concern for the quality and efficacy of the final product.


7Senses uses premium extraction methods to deliver the best quality isolates and full-spectrum extracts available.


All hemp used for our products is grown on local, organic farms in Colorado, USA.

Full Spectrum

Our full-spectrum tincture provides the full benefit of the hemp plant.


7Senses CBD isolate offers a strong and clean dose of only the CBD compound.


Full-spectrum CBD products contain traces of THC. These amounts should not exceed .3% in a quality tincture.


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